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Treatment philosophy of Doctor of Physical Therapy, Bailey Denno

My education:

  • December 2011, Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene, TX Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Graduated with honors and honorary grant due to my leadership and integrity throughout the program

  • May 2006, Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

~ About me ~


My education:

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy: Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene, Texas (2011)

    • Graduated with honors and honorary grant 

  • Bachelor of Science: Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon (2006)


I am a physical therapist with a certified specialty in treating spinal deformities specifically scoliosis, hyper/hypo lordosis and hyper/hypo kyphosis.  


I graduated with my doctorate in 2011 and since then I have been treating all orthopedic conditions. I strive to keep people as active as they desire to be during their rehabilitation. 


I believe in treatment plans which incorporate my goals for your recovery as well as yours, whether that is to rid yourself of pain or respiratory issues, or to improve or maintain postural symmetry.


It is important that we build a rapport and working relationship to enable optimal improvements and successes for you. 


I am committed to working hard for you and I expect you to work hard for yourself as well.


For the general orthopedic patient I enjoy working for patients who have tried PT or chiropractics in the past and are looking for "out of the box" treatment and are committed to home programming. 

For the scoliosis patient, the Schroth method is a commitment of 80 minutes per week (minimum) and 10 visits of skilled Schroth training, for the best outcomes.  


Physical therapy is a commitment for both you and me, but worth the challenge to obtain a healthy body that will work well for you for years to come.

While I was still in graduate school, I sought out top tier continuing education, which led me to the Institute of Physical Art's educational series on functional manual therapy.


I acquired a local reputation for effective treatment of adults and geriatric patients with scoliosis.  With referrals for this condition increasing, I sought out the BSPTS and their certification in the C.L. Schroth Method Concepts by Rigo.


After extensive training and examinations, I was certified in the first level (C1) of BSPTS Schroth in 2018, and then the highest level of certification (C2) in 2020.  I have combined experience in manual therapy and certification in specialized treatment for scoliosis. 

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Continuing Education:

  • Institute of Physical Art courses: PNF I, PNF II, FM I, FM II, FMUQ, BET (now Core First)

  • The Running Course: Biomechanics, Analysis, Rehabilitation & Training 

  • Advancing Pain Management in Oregon 

  • Pacific NW Orthopedic & Sport Medicine Symposium 

  • Schroth-Barcelona Institute BSPTS: 3-D Treatment of Scoliosis According to the Principles of C.L. Schroth: Certification Course C1 

  • SOSORT 2019 Conference Attendee and Pre-conference course on: Growth and Development in Scoliosis- Biomechanical, Physiological, and Psychological Intricacies

  • Schroth-Barcelona Institute BSPTS Concept by Rigo: 3-D Treatment of Scoliosis According to the Principles of C.L. Schroth: Certification Course C2



  • I grew up in Oregon

  • I attended Linn-Benton Community College then transferred to Pacific University

  • I enjoyed my time living in Abilene, TX for graduate school but knew I would always return to the Willamette Valley

  • Outlets: I mountain bike, hike, run, exercise, garden

  • Relaxation: I read, play with my dogs, wine taste, and enjoy time with my family and friends 

After top level clinical experiences during graduate school and then 8 years treating out-patient orthopedics with a manual therapy focus, I believe in treating the entire individual.


Scoliosis is a spinal alignment dysfunction and possible bony malformation and is treated very effectively and specifically within the Schroth method. I outline my evaluation, assessment, and the majority of treatment using the Schroth Method.  Due to my manual experience and training I use manual interventions as appropriate.  


I take extra time before your initial evaluation to do a full assessment of your x-ray images, to ensure I understand your exact curve type. 

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