Due to increasing costs and

restrictions of insurance based

care and limitations on direct access to PT services, Scoliosis Studio is a direct-pay facility.

We do not bill insurance


Through direct-pay the care you receive is entirely focused on your needs and the best use of your appointment, eliminating time spent on jumping through hoops set out by insurance companies. 

Here, your sessions are focused on individualized research-based assessment and treatment.  We get to omit insurance-based questionnaires and standardized testing which may not be appropriate for your condition.

Scoliosis Studio is committed to one-on-one care of you with the physical therapist and always with the highest level of focus on you during your hour-long treatment session. There are no restrictions on time spent, sessions scheduled, or types of treatment that may or may not be conducted at evaluations, freeing up time for top-tier assessment and intervention at every visit.

Time is taken to address all of your questions and educate you on your condition and the justification behind intervention.

Cost is kept low through direct pay because less time and fewer staff are needed by omitting lengthy and frequent insurance authorizations for each client. 

Payment is taken at the time of service. Initial hour-long evaluations and follow up hour-long sessions are only $120/hour.


Those traveling long distances may opt to stay in town and have several days of intensive Schroth training, so time blocks of longer treatments may be scheduled.


Emails and 15-minute phone inquiries (by appointment) are free of charge so please reach out to find out if scheduling a formal evaluation is appropriate for you or your loved one.

Assessment of your x-ray prior to your visit is done as a courtesy.