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The non-surgical option for scoliosis.

Who we treat

  • People of all ages

  • Before or after surgery (months to decades)

  • All Cobb angles (large to small degrees)

  • With or without pain or breathing limitations

  • Scoliosis or pre-scoliosis

  • General postural dysfunction

  • Hyper/hypo kyphosis or lordosis               ("sway back" or slumped posture)

  • Scoliosis Studio is a Corvallis, Oregon based Physical Therapy clinic

How we treat

  • Hour-long one-on-one

    • Explain your specific diagnosis

    • Outline a plan

  • Progress your routine

  • Regular assessment to ensure and measure progress

  • Monitor your curve/posture through the entire growth phase (until full maturation)

  • Monitor your curve/posture throughout your life (hormonal changes, pregnancy, arthritis/ disc degeneration with age)

What to expect

  • One-on-one patient to therapist

  • Explanation of your specific diagnosis

  • Attire:

    • Please wear comfortable, loose clothing to allow freedom of movement

    • Layers for comfort

    • Base layer which exposes the majority of the spine. (Visualization of the entire spine with minimal disruption by clothing is essential for assessment during evaluation and treatment sessions.)

    •  Please submit x-ray images of the entire spine before the initial evaluation for full analysis prior to the first appointment.

    • Schroth treatment sessions are hands on and intense, so come well rested and ready to participate in your training.

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Where to start

Have you been diagnosed with scoliosis?

  • Yes:

    • ​Send in your x-ray images via email or fax.​

    • Schedule an evaluation

  • No:

    • Schedule a free 15 min phone consultation     

X-Rays Needed

  • AP View (from the front)

  • ​​Sagittal View (from the side)
    • Both views should be of the entire spine (skull to pelvis)​
  • Alternatively: EOS Machine​
    • Lower radiation​ than traditional X-ray
    • Locate an EOS Machine

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